Clyde and Seamore go back to school in 2015 at SeaWorld San Antonio in all new show


The case has been closed, and Clyde and Seamore have solved the Cannery Row Caper. The two super sleuths have cracked all the cases they needed to crack, and have decided to pursue other avenues, which means taking a crack at some higher education. Okay, so maybe it’s just high school. SeaWorld San Antonio announced last year that they were redoing their long running sea lion and otter show-Cannery Row Caper, as part of a huge overhaul for the park. The show, and the sea lion area are both getting huge new renovations, and we now know what the show will be all about.



Clyde and Seamore will be going back to school in 2015 as they attend Sea Lion High. The show was first announced for SeaWorld Orlando, and is now going to be part of the line up at SeaWorld San Antonio. While it seems like it might be the same show, only the premise will be the same. The stadium, cast and even the sea lions are completely different, so you won’t find the same show at different parks.

No exact details have been given, but the show will see the two battle all kinds of hijinks in search for their high school diplomas. The show will feature all new animal behaviors an all new set and more.

The Orlando show will see the two facing off as a jock and a nerd as they are sabotaged by a school bully who is trying to stop them from graduating. It’s not clear if San Antonio will feature the same set up, but judging by the set and the show, it’s pretty likely.

The show is just the tip of the iceberg of renovations happening to SeaWorld San Antonio in 2015. The parks’ sea lion habitat is getting a huge new upgrade, and the area will not only be expanded, but will also give guests a better look at the animals.

In addition, an all new restaurant will be coming to the area as well, with a huge new menu and dining options.

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