Fire department called to “rescue” riders from Gringotts at Universal Orlando…so what?


Breaking news. Reports are flowing in that riders were stuck on Escape from Gringotts at Universal Orlando for a few minutes, and stuck in a position just about seven feet off the ground. The park had to call in the fire department to rescue the riders. A news helicopter was dispatched to cover the story, and flying overhead as riders were rescued…inside a building that they couldn’t see.  Is it a terrible ride malfunction? Perhaps it’s sabotage by Disney? No, it’s the worst catastrophe of all! Slow news day!



The Escape from Gringotts at Universal Studios Florida’s all new Wizarding World of Harry Potter-Diagon Alley is truly a groundbreaking new attraction. The ride mixes a unique coaster with rotating cars, dark ride technology, and 3D screens. It’s a short, but fun new attraction. Being that it is an all new attraction, it tends to get a few…hiccups, from time to time.

Is it a huge deal? Well, it is if you’re the one stuck on it. Personally we’ve been stuck on it three times. That’s growing pains. It’s going to happen when you have a complicated new system. But is it worth flying the helicopter out for? For several reasons…no, but that’s not going to stop the news stations from trying.

Anytime something at all, something completely out of the ordinary for a theme park happens, people want to see it. They are drawn to it, for the sheer fact that something terrible just might be happening. Of course, you don’t want anything really bad to happen, but the fact that something MIGHT happen still draws you in.

Earlier this year, the all new Mine Train Coaster at Magic Kingdom caught on fire after fireworks. It happens, apparently, all the time. However this was big news because people in the park could see it, and it was a brand new ride. It wasn’t big news, and people were back on it an hour later.

A few people got stuck on Rip Ride Rockit about a year ago. They were stuck at the top for a few hours. Have you ever been stuck on a coaster? It’s not a fun experience, but that’s why it’s also not news worthy…it’s not a particularly harrowing experience either. The harrowing part is getting off the damn thing.

So,  Gringotts broke down. Why is this a big deal? Because it’s a brand new ride, and it’s right at the top of people’s minds right now. The parks are busy, it has the longest line in the park, and it broke down…with people on it. No one was hurt, no goblins were angered, and the dragon…she’s still sitting right on top blowing fire like usual.

The ride will most likely be down for the rest of the day, or at least for a few hours, so that techs can keep it from happening again…after all, we wouldn’t want the news choppers to have to fly out and hover over the park again, would we?

So why did we write anything about it? Got nothing better to do!

Video-Do you want something to do? Take a walk through the queue of Gringotts! 

Gringotts reportedly reopened, and had just a 120 minute wait. See, Goblins trying to keep you from raiding the vaults. No big deal.
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