Happy Holidays…and thank you


The holidays are very stressful for everyone, and it is especially stressful around here. I wanted to take a quick moment out of the busy holiday schedule to just say thank you. We have been operating for just over six years, and it’s grown exponentially in that time. This year has been our biggest year to date, and we can only say thank you for that.



Behind the Thrills is a passion project…meaning, it’s not our full time job. It’s brought to you by just a bunch of people who love theme parks, and love having fun. We’re not the most professional group out there, and that’s a good thing. We take our fun seriously, and the site is seriously fun. If you have a good time reading it, and we come off as professional…well, that’s also a good thing, but not always intentional.

Everyone who works on the site works full time, and we kind of fill in the articles where we can. This year has been particularly tough to do that with, as our lives are just getting busier and busier. I also live about two hours away from the closest theme park. Makes it hard to do daily updates, but we do rely on some really great people to help.

Mostly, this post is just serving as a huge thank you to the people who work on the site, providing articles, pictures and coverage of various theme park happenings.

Keeper tells the tales we all need to hear, even if we don’t think we want to. Omar and Kelly have done really amazing coverage of all the conventions, and openings this year. LC Hill has moved away, but still sends in some great stuff every once in a while, and always has a home here. Kurt has really been great with the updates, and we look forward to more. Dan Hower and Aly have been busy of late, but bring some great coverage and updates…especially from haunt conventions. Ryan K…he and I have been scheming and the things you could see (starting next month) are going to be a blast. Kyle is my right hand on the West Coast (when he’s not playing with his toys) and Racheal…well…she keeps this hunk of junk glued together.

These are all people who play very important roles in keeping Behind the Thrills rolling on a daily basis.

I would personally like to thank everyone for reading, participating and having fun with us. It’s become a part of our family, and like family, sometimes it’s hard to deal with. There have been times in the past month that I’ve thought about hanging it up, and closing down shop. However, also like family, you never give up on it.

So, again, thank you for reading, and we hope to bring you much more fun in 2015, and beyond.