Paramount London Park could feature Doctor Who in 2020


Whovians get ready for a trip to London! BBC Worldwide has entered into a partnership with Paramount and London Resort Company Holdings to feature rides and attractions based on BBC shows and characters. It’s all part of an all new theme park coming to the Paramount Pictures Resort on the Swanscombe Peninsula in 2020.



Details are scarce right now, but the deal will celebrate the best of British Culture while mixing it with Hollywood Glamour. BBC has created some of the most memorable characters and shows in the nearly 100 year history. It has spanned radio, Television and created so many pop culture icons that are loved not only in London and the UK, but all over the world.

With this new partnership there could very well be a Doctor Who ride. Doctor Who has been on the air since 1963 and is in its’ 12th doctor. The park could also feature other shows, such as Top Gear, but the one that is capturing attention all over the world will be Doctor Who.

The park is only one part of the planned resort, which also plans for 5,000 rooms.

The park is expected cost roughly about £2bn or about $3 billion dollars American. While no attractions have been announced yet, it’s very unlikely that BBC would make the announcement without at least an idea of the attractions that would be featured.

So what attractions based on Doctor Who would you like to see? Perhaps there will be a Tardis attraction, or even a shooting ride where riders use Sonic Screwdrivers to blast away at targets. Let us hear your ideas.

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