SeaWorld Orlando’s Christmas Celebration brings tradition and fun back to the holidays


We all have our family traditions, from the way we cook our Christmas meals, to the way we unwrap gifts. It’s a holiday steeped in tradition for many families. SeaWorld Orlando understands that, and brings the traditions to life with their huge Christmas Celebration. The park features all the regular shows by day, but as the night sets in, the park transforms into a sparkling winter wonderland, complete with different shows. They have become a Christmas tradition in their own right and are an amazing way to celebrate the season.

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SeaWorld Christmas has become a family tradition for us over the past five years. Each year the event grows just a little, adding new and festive shows, lights and features to the park. This year the park adds the all new Mrs. Claus Family Feast, which gives you a great Christmas Feast with a feast with Mrs. Claus herself. On top of that, the park has brought back several family favorite shows, including O Wondrous Night, Shamu’s Christmas Miracles, and Winter Wonderland on Ice.

We had the chance to chat with some of the people that make it possible. Check it out in the video below:

Video-Christmas Celebration at SeaWorld Orlando 

One of the newer shows, O Wondrous Night has fast become a family favorite, making for huge lines and packed crowds. The show mixes the Pageantry of Christmas, with a retelling from a different perspective.

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O Wondrous Night uses animals, both real and puppets to tell the story of Christmas from the perspective of the animals that were there. Camels in the manger, the donkey that brought Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, and even the bird that was perched on the manger. It’s a unique story that, regardless of your religious beliefs or background, will touch you with great music and humorous puppetry.

So what does it take to bring the story of Christmas to life? We had the chance to chat with one of the performers from the show to find out.

Video-Bringing O Wondrous Night to Life at SeaWorld Orlando





Another great tradition for many are Christmas trains. You don’t get anymore traditional than the Polar Express. SeaWorld has brought not only the Polar Express to life, but also the North Pole. The park takes guests on an adventurous ride on the magical train, and then turns them loose in the North Pole to explore, celebrate and even visit with the big man Mr. C himself. While other parks do the Polar Express as a Christmas attraction, no one does it quite like SeaWorld.

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SeaWorld Christmas will run non stop beginning this weekend until January.

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