Lady Gaga will be the star of American Horror Story: Hotel


Talk about something out of left field. Lady Gaga announced this morning that she will be go from leading little monsters to spinning a different type of horror in American Horror Story:Hotel. We’re not sure just what the season will hold, but with Gaga in the lead, it’s sure to get a little weird. And yes, we’re going to make a Halloween Horror Nights prediction here.


American Horror Story is heading into it’s fifth season, and they’re currently riding high with the huge success of Freakshow. So how do you follow up the biggest season to date? How about with one of the biggest stars in recent memory?

That’s right, Lady Gaga will be headlining season five of American Horror Story:Hotel.
No word on what her role will be, or who else will star, but it has to be huge.
We also have no clue what angle they’ll go with, but we hope that it’s more of a ghost story, closer to Murder House from season one. Could you imagine a Tower of Terror, or Shining type story starring Gaga as a vengeful spirit?
Now how about Halloween Horror Nights?

The event is one of the most visceral haunted events in the country, with both Universal Studios Orlando, and Hollywood bringing some of the biggest franchises in horror to life.
For the past two years, it’s been a huge rumor that American Horror Story would be part of Halloween Horror Nights. With the addition of Lady Gaga, what better time to make that rumor a reality?

Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando will be celebrating 25 years of terror, which probably means that the event will take a look back at the event’s history. However, the past few years have held a few surprises. If there’s ever a chance that American Horror Story has a chance of being the focus of Halloween Horror Nights, it’s going to be when the whole world is watching…which of course they will be with Gaga on board.

Of course, this is all speculation and rumor at the moment, so don’t bet on it happening.

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