Evil Intentions haunted house to begin Ghost Tours


Elgin Illinois is home to one of the scariest,  and largest haunted houses in the Midwest. Evil Intentions has been scaring countless guests for the better part of eight years, but it’s not what guests see that is really frightening…more like what happens when everyone goes home. The building that houses Evil Intentions has a bit of a past,  as do most older buildings in the Midwest.  Now, Evil Intentions wants to shed the light, and bring the past to a startling new life with their all new Ghost Tours.


Evil Intentions has a story that bounds like it’s straight out of a horror movie. The building was the old Elgin Casket Company, and it was witness to murder, grisly discoveries, cult activities, and unexplained occurrences. The building was built in the 1840’s and was allegedly the site of a grisly murder,  where five bodies were found. From there the building faced all manner of strange occurances, sightings and even a famous casket or two made.



Through all the years, something has remained. Is it the spirits of lost souls murdered in the building? Is it wandering spirits from the town that happen to call it home? Maybe it’s just the souls of some haunt fans that want to do the scaring? Whatever the case may be, guests are going to have the chance to investigate and try to make contact with those who remain.

Special Ghost Tours will happen that not only talk about all the unexplained occurances, but also the haunted history of the building. Guests will get special Ghost Hunting equipment to help make contact,  and gain proof.


“We’re already known as one of the most intense haunted attractions in the area, but there are countless stories from our crew, visitors, and previous tenants about actual paranormal encounters they’ve had that guests don’t know about,” said owner Mike Fitzpatrick. “I’m thrilled to give visitors a chance to learn about the haunted history of this building, and discover the truth behind the legends.”

Tickets for a three hour tour will be $75 dolllars, and will include the use of ghost hunting equipment.  A longer “Witching Hour” tour will be $100 dollars, but will be six hours and will go through midnight,  and the more “paranormal” hours of the night.
Fun fact-More paranormal activity is reported in the 3 a.m. hour than any other hour of the night.

Tickets are now available,  and will be running until the haunt season picks up this fall.

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For more information about Evil Intentions Ghost Tours, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!