IT’S NEVER TOO EARLY-Code names released for HHN 25 at Universal Studios Florida


Halloween seems like a good distance off, but like a good killer, it will creep up on you before you know it. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is celebrating 25 years this year, and with it will be a huge mix of new houses, old icons and properties that everyone has been dying to see come to life. This year, Halloween Horror Nights Orlando is getting in on the “Code name game” that HHN Hollywood has been tormenting fans with for years. Traditionally, the code names haven’t been released publicity, it’s something that staff and permits use to keep the real names of the houses a secret. This year, the code names have been released and we’re going to speculate, deduct and guess. Most likely we’ll be wrong, but it will be fun, as always!




Sometimes Universal Orlando gives out code names…sometimes they don’t. For HHN 24 only a few were given out, and in past years they’ve given none out at all. Meanwhile, in other years, the code names were all over the place. So, we’ll just have to see how many we get this year, and analyze as we go!


Maze 1





This is an original house, and it is not based on Frozen…guess we’ll just let it go. (Sorry, couldn’t resist).

Blizzard could mean anything, and since it’s an original house, there’s really nothing major to go on. For god’s sake, last year the team did a house based on where evil clowns were created…and a dollhouse that materialized out of thin air. HOW COULD ANYONE GUESS THAT FROM A SINGLE WORD!?!

Still, we have theories. There is of course, the ever popular Yeti. The house could be set in the backwoods, and use very cold air, much like Winters’ Night did. The monster could be a massive puppet, and an original creation. Then again, there could be a theme to the house of being snowed in, and the inhabitants of the cabin/mansion/port o potty, go crazy and start disemboweling people. It honestly could be literally anything, and it could be so far from the ideas we have.


We are still a very long way from seeing the full line up for this year’s HHN. There will be many more teases, some major announcements, and could end up being some last minute changes. Still, we will update as more clues are released, and speculate away about what they could mean.


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