Tomorrowland preview coming to Disneyland and Epcot


Tomorrowland is quite possibly one of the most anticipated movies of the year, for me personally.  It’s even more anticipated than Star Wars in a lot of ways. It appears Disney is also anticipating the George Clooney film, directed by Brad Bird, as they are apparently lining up a preview of the film. However,  the preview will be in an odd location.


This purely a rumor at this point, but Tomorrowland will get a huge preview, much like previous Disney films beginning in mid April, and extending all the way until the middle of May.  We’ve been expect a preview around the 15th or so. The location,  however is the puzzler.

Previously,  Disney has held previews of films like Cinderella, Guardians of The Galaxy and Maleficent at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. That’s a logical choice. It is a movie themed park, after all. However, the park is gearing up for Frozen Summer, Star Wars Weekends and a huge makeover of the entire park. It’s quite possible that the venues are no longer available.

So where does that leave our preview? If you’re saying, Tomorrowland at The Magic Kingdom,  then you’d be wrong. That would be a logical choice, but where would they have the room to do it?

So, Tomorrowland will be allegedly shown at Epcot in the Captain EO theater, at the Imagination Pavilion.
Odd choice?
The show is still going in, so could that mean the show is finally closing? Could it be temporary? We’ll have to wait and see.

This has not been officially confirmed yet, and until it is, it’s not really happening. Take with a grain of salt.

Meanwhile,  check out the latest trailer for Tomorrowland!


Disney Parks Blog just confirmed that yes, Epcot will be getting a preview of Tomorrowland in the Imagination Pavilion. The preview will happen “Mid April” and will also happen in Disneyland at the Tomorrowland Theater…much more appropriate.
At Disneyland there will be an exhibit inspired by the film full of props, artwork and more.
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