Scream your lungs out at Legends in Old Town for an amazing cause


We’ve said it before,  and it continues to be true. The haunt community is a family.  Once you’re in, you’re in for life. When that life is threatened,  the community bands together to help. Legends a Haunting in Old Town is looking to help a brother in the industry, and they want you to scream your lungs out.


Jerry is a haunter, and long time worker from Spooky Empire.  If you’ve ever been to one of the events, you’ve probably seen him. Jerry is in need of a new pair of lungs, needing a double transplant.

Legends at Old Town in Kissimmee is putting together a special event for Jerry to help him reach his goal.
This weekend,  a portion of the proceeds from ticket sales will go to help Jerry. On March 27th-29th from 7-11p.m. Legends will be open and raising money for Jerry. Guests who are organ donors can get $5 dollars off admission,  simply by showing your organ donor card or drivers license with your organ donor status.

One of the staff at Legends has even taken to YouTube to help the cause.

Normally,  Mr. Ashdown, the owner at Legends would take the lungs needed, but something about medical ethics and viability,  and even about “willing donors” is keeping from helping in his own “special” way.

If you’d like to donate to Jerry, and help Legends get a pair of lungs, visit the official funding page by clicking here!
We are happy to say that Jerry has gotten his lungs. The transplant went very well, and according to the latest updates, Jerry is doing great.
However, the financial side of things are still being worked on. While Legends did an amazing job, Jerry is not out of the woods yet.
Click here to continue to help Jerry, as he still needs money to pay for the medical bills.
Thanks to all who have helped.
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For more information about Legends:A Haunting at Old Town, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!