The Republic bringing a mix of theater, horror and theme parks to Orlando


Theme park experiences are seeping out of the theme parks, and into the rest of the world. It’s happening with many different interactive “Escape” attractions, haunted houses and other stand alone attractions. And they’re getting really good at giving theme parks a run for their money. An all new experience is looking to take what you know of those types of attractions and rewrite it, and they’re going to use the works of Plato, and Greek Mythology to do it. The Republic is coming.





The Republic is the efforts of Sarah Elger and will bring to life a society where everyone is born into a social status. They then band together to overthrow their government, but risk banishment to the labyrinth, where monsters await. It’s an up close attraction that will mix live theater, horror, puzzles and more in an experience that gets you out of the line and into the action by immersing you into the society. The Republic is brought together by  top theme park attraction designers as well as experienced writers, artists, musicians, engineers, actors, and more.

“I want to empower people to not just sit back and be a passive audience member, but get out of their seats and explore, learn, react, and respond,” explained The Republic creator Sarah Elger.  “I like getting people out of their comfort zone to push them as a person and test themselves in a risk-free environment so that they can see their own potential.”

It’s not a haunt, it’s not a theme park, but it takes the elements of all those and makes an entirely new experience.






Guests will face Medusa, or the Minotaur in an actual maze. The new attraction will make you think, keep you on your toes and have you literally get lost in the labyrinth facing these terrifying creatures.
The event will kick off in May at the Orlando Fringe Festival, but it needs your help to get there. To get started, the event needs help with the purchase of lighting, lumber and everything else needed to bring the project to life. To help get started, they are holding a Kickstarter campaign. As all Kickstarters, contributors will have the opportunity to donate different levels, and receive different incentives.


The Republic is also produced by Ricky Brigante over at Inside the Magic, who has a love for interactive experiences, theater and of course theme parks. With his love of all things immersive and fantastical, you know this has got to be good.

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For more information about The Republic, visit the official website by clicking here!