Furious 7 cars bring the film closer to guests at Universal Studios Florida


It’s the biggest movie of the year, so far, and it’s one of the most fun films in the franchise. Now, Furious 7 cars have come to Universal Studios Florida, and guests can see the mean muscle machines actually used in the film. It’s one more way that Universal Studios Florida is bringing the movies to life.


Photo Apr 06, 11 26 06 AM
The movie raked in over $143 million dollars in the first weekend of wide release, and talks of the 8th film in the series are already happening.
To celebrate Furious 7, Universal Studios Florida has rolled put several vehicles used in the film. The movie takes place all over the world, including Dubai, and Los Angeles.
Video-Take a look around the sexy cars of Furious 7






The cars will be on display for a limited time. They are located in Kid Zone area of the park, in front of the Animal Actors stadium.

Slideshow-Check out even more cars from Furious 7 at Universal Studios Florida

It’s going to be a huge summer for Fast&Furious, as the film is expected to dominate the box office for the next few weeks. At Universal Studios Hollywood Fast&Furious Supercharged will become part of the Studio Tour later this summer.
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