Rumor Mill-Horror icons, iconic films, and classic houses could be returning for Halloween Horror Nights 25 at Universal Orlando


There’s just short of five months before the terror begins for a 25th year of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. Each year part of the fun is hearing the rumors of the all new houses coming to the event, and guessing just what we can expect to see. Now that fun is amped up to 11 from our friends over at HHN Rumors.  According to a new article over at HHN Rumors (click here to read their take), they have been given a list of potential houses for this year’s HHN 25. Now, this is just a RUMORED list, and it is in no way official. It’s very early, and we’ve seen things change before. However, if this list turns out to be true, this could be a huge year for not only HHN fans, but also horror fans in general.



We’ve already speculated that this year could be a “HHN Greatest hits” with rumors of An American Werewolf in London returning. However, according to HHN Rumors-not only could this be a HHN Greatest Hits, but a Horror’s Greatest hits as well.

Keep in mind that this list is simply a rumor, and it’s not official. What that means, plainly, is that until Universal Orlando themselves releases the house names, they aren’t happening.

We are merely sharing the list from HHN Rumors for fun, because really, if you can’t have fun, what’s the point.


And the list is gone! Seriously, we just took it down because, what’s the fun of seeing your presents before you can play with them? If you want the list, you can still catch it over at HHN Rumors.


Huge list. Nine houses, huge rumors! Again, this has not been announced by Universal, so it’s likely NOT going to happen…but if this is a legit list. WOW. This stands to be a great line up. The other thing that we could most likely expect to see is a new take on old favorite scare zones. Things like an icon scare zone seem completely obvious…but will it happen?

Head over to HHN Rumors for the most up to date rumors about HHN. 


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