The Orlando Eye to light up the sky starting Thursday night


The Orlando Eye is getting ever closer to opening! The huge new observation wheel will feature a huge package of LED lights that will brighten up the view when the wheel opens. The very first lighting of the all new Orlando Eye will be Thursday April 16th. The Eye will get lit up during a special event for employees, friends and family.




Thursday night, just as the sun goes down, the sky will light up with the brilliant LED lights of The Orlando Eye. The Eye will have it’s first lighting by a very special “Make a Wish” family. The Eye will first shine with brilliant white lights, but will eventually start changing colors, and will feature different modes, based on things like holidays and special occasions.


Fun Facts:


  • The Orlando Eye has LEDs which uses 92.7% less energy that traditional light bulbs


  • The Orlando Eye has 2,652 individual fittings, which in turn each fit 24 LEDs, giving a total number of 64,000 LED on the wheel


  • The lighting system uses an RGB system to provide for a large variety of color options to fit any special occasion or holiday


  • In the future, The Eye, which has a white exterior, will have a rainbow of color effects to choose from with the newly installed LEDs.


Readers have posted that the Eye was testing some of the LED lights on Wednesday night.



The photo by David Weigle shows off some of the LED lights, and some of the color changes they make. It will definitely make for a glowing beacon in Orlando. 

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For more information about the Orlando Eye, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!