Big projects at Busch Gardens Tampa, and SeaWorld Orlando get announcement dates!


2016 is going to be just a huge year for Central Florida. There will be so many new attractions within that one area alone, that the world just might implode. Besides Universal and Disney getting mega new attractions, SeaWorld and Busch Gardens area also getting huge new attractions, and even better, we now know when they’ll be announced!



We know that major attractions are coming to both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa, we just don’t know exactly what. We know that SeaWorld has announced a major coaster, and we know that they have filed an FAA study report for an attraction that will be a total of 201 feet. It will be taller, faster and longer than anything in Orlando. Who’s building it, what exactly will it be, and what will it be called? Well, now we know when we’ll get that information.

On May 27th, SeaWorld will make a major announcement for the all new coaster.

For more information about SeaWorld Orlando, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!

Then there’s Busch Gardens Tampa. We know that the all new attraction is going to be taking up the Tut’s Tomb exhibit, and will require a bridge for the Serengetti Railway. We also know that there have been Mack Rides boxes on site. Will it be a coaster, a dark ride? We have no idea…but we have been told by Busch Gardens that the new attraction will put a “spin on family fun”. Yes, that could very well mean an all new Mack Spinning Coaster, which is what all the rumors have pointed to. However, knowing that it’s Busch Gardens, we’re going to take a guess and say that this coaster will have more punch than a standard spinning coaster.

May 28th, Busch Gardens Tampa will make their 2016 ride announcement.


It’s shaping up to be a huge year for both SeaWorld and Busch Gardens! Stay tuned for more, and be sure to get social with us on Facebook, and follow along with us on Twitter @BehindThrills for the latest updates!

For more information about Busch Gardens Tampa, including tickets, visit the official website by clicking here!