Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi to build coaster with world’s steepest drop and tallest loop


Ferrari World is already home to the fastest coaster in the world, and in 2016, it’s going to add another two coasters to the mix. One of which will have the steepest drop, and the largest loop in the world. It’s also going to be themed to the man who was the inspiration for the Ferrari logo.



Flying Aces will start out with a 51 degree incline, to simulate the take off of an airplane, and will boast the world’s steepest drop when it opens. Currently, the world’s steepest drop is Takabisha Fuji-Q Highland in Japan, with a mind boggling 121 degree drop. That takes it under the top of the structure. Flying Aces will have to be steeper than that, and will take riders on twists, turns, dives and the world’s tallest loop, at 170 feet tall.

The ride is inspired by Italian World War I airman, Francesco Baracca. Baracca was a hero of the war, and celebrated. In 1923, legend has it, that Enzo Ferarri, the creator the legendary cars, met Baracca’s father and mother. His mother told him “Ferrari, you should put my son’s prancing horse on your cars, it will bring you luck.” He did, and the horse on the yellow background has been the Ferrari trademark ever since.

The new coaster is set to open in 2016.

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