Girl unresponsive over the weekend at Six Flags Magic Mountain after roller coaster ride


A 10 year old girl was airlifted out of Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday afternoon,  as she was found unconscious,  but breathing. The incident occurred after the girl rode Revolution at Six Flags Magic Mountain. It’s unclear whether or not the incident was ride related.


The incident happened around 4:45 p.m..Saturday afternoon,  when the girl exited Revolution.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the guest and her family,” a theme park spokesperson said in a statement.

There is no other information on the girl’s condition, or cause of the incident at this time. We wish the best for her and her family,  and hope for a speedy recovery.
The coaster takes guests to a height of 113 feet, and speeds of 55 mph. That’s pretty tame by today’s standards. The coaster also has one single inversion, taking riders upside down in a huge loop.
The classic coaster opened in 1976, and was built by classic construction group, Schwarzkopf.

Unfortunately similar incidents do occur on occasion on coasters, and other similar rides. Riders sometimes get stressed by the heat, and the ride only intensifies the issue. Sometimes a rider has a preexisting condition, which they are unaware of, which makes the condition worse. Other times, the rider just gets too excited. Whatever the case may be, the parks take every incident very seriously. Unfortunately, the parks are often looked at in these incidents, when really it’s an accident  that is simply beyond their control.
It’s important for all riders to keep themselves hydrated and aware of the signs that your body is trying to give you. Coasters are fun, and completely safe, but they do put stress on your body that it may not be able to handle.
According to the local news, the 10 year girl who had lost consciousness has passed away.
Unfortunately no other information is available, besides the girls name is known. An autopsy is pending, though it will most likely be “preexisting conditions”. Such a sad turn of events, and we wish the best for her family.
This situation sounds eerily familiar to a string of deaths at Epcot some years back, where people were losing consciousness on Mission:Space. Those incidents all resulted in pre existing conditions, most of which were heart related.
Again, very tragic.
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