Go Behind the Thrills with Jordan Woods-Robinson from The Walking Dead


We had the chance to catch up with Jordan Woods-Robinson, the local Blue Man who hit it big on The Walking Dead playing Eric, the recruiter for Alexandria in the wildly popular comics.
Jordan will be making his convention debut this month at Walker Stalker Orlando (June 27-28) at the Orange County Convention Center.


BTT: Are you excited about your appearance at Walker Stalker Orlando
JWR: I am thrilled to be a part of Walker Stalker in Orlando. This is my first convention since my episodes have aired and so I’ve gotten to spend the last couple of months meeting fans that are coming to Orlando from ALL OVER just for Walker Stalker. I never knew before how much of a family The Walking Dead fandom is. I’d heard rumors but nothing holds up to seeing it first hand. I think I’m most excited to meet everyone in person, to be a part of this incredible community! I’ve been a Blue Man for eight years which is an incredible experience, but also anonymous, so I can’t wait to get to see someone and instantly share that connection from the show.

BTT: How has life changed for you since joining the cast of The Walking Dead in Season 5?
JWR: Since I’ve joined the cast, I’ve had 6 months of keeping a huge announcement completely secret, 4 months of interacting with fans and meetings new faces, and multiple episodes of getting to bond with the incredible talent on the show, both on and off screen. This team is super passionate and great at their jobs; it’s amazing watching them all work. After seeing the dynamic they have in between takes, I instantly understood why this show is a success: it’s because people care about the show and each other.

BTT: What are your thoughts on being the first gay character on The Walking Dead?
JWR: When I got cast I didn’t know who my character was and when I showed up and met Ross Marquand (who plays Aaron) for the first time, we instantly became friends and realized how much we have in common. We decided very early on that if we developed our friendship off screen and got know each other as well as possible in the little amount of time we had before we started filming, the relationship would come through on screen. The fact that the characters are romantically involved is a complete non-issue to us, since the best relationships are based on mutual respect and friendship. And that is understood by every person, no matter who you love.

BTT: Was it difficult to keep your role on TWD secret until it aired?
JWR: It was incredibly difficult for me to keep this a secret for 6 months because everyone I know is a HUGE fan of the show and I was constantly a part of conversations in which I knew what would happen as the show progressed but I couldn’t say anything! I was so excited to get to tell everyone but, even more so, I was so excited to get surprised calls and messages from friends saying “WERE YOU JUST ON THE WALKING DEAD ON MY TV? IT’S MY FAVORITE SHOW! I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE THIS RIGHT NOW!” The surprise factor was worth more than 6 months of keeping quiet about it.

BTT:What can you tell us about TWD Season 6?
JWR: I can’t disclose too much (because honestly I don’t know) but, in season 6, we will meet some new characters (including Heath from the comics) and I expect the show will continue to outdo itself in all of the ways that we have come to love it.

BTT: Thanks Jordan we look forward to seeing you at Walker Stalker and on Season 6 of The Walking Dead!

Part two of our interview with Jordan will be coming in the next few months!

Be sure to catch Jordan at Walker Stalker Orlando June 27th and 28th at The Orange County Convention Center, tickets are available online.

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