Share a Coke tour stops at Busch Gardens Tampa this weekend!


The “Share a Coke” campaign is probably one of the coolest, and most frustrating ad campaigns ever. How many times have you seen the names on a can or bottle of Coke, only to not find your name, or worse, not find it spelled properly? If you share in that frustration, you’ll have your chance to get a Coke with your name on it this weekend, as the Share a Coke tour stops at Busch Gardens Tampa.




The Share A Coke tour is a free program that allows fans to get miniature cans of Coke with their names, spelled the way you want it, for free. The tour will be at Busch Gardens Tampa Friday June 26th, through Sunday June 28th. The cans are free for guests, and will be at a booth in the park.

Busch Gardens is getting ready to kick off their HUGE Summer Nights party, which will allow guests to ride coasters in the dark, and see award winning shows like the all award winning Kinetix.

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