The Hunger Games gets ready to wrap up with the latest trailer, what happens next?


The first trailer for the finale to The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay Part 2, has just hit. It teases a huge amount, without giving too much away. It’s the last entry in the movie series, but thanks to theme park developers it won’t be the end.


The Hunger Games series has become a worldwide phenomenon, smashing box office records, and creating a large round of imitators. The last entry in the series has finally gotten a trailer, and it promises to be an explosive ending to a huge series.

While the series is ending,  that’s not the end for The Hunger Games, as Lionsgate has partnered with Dubai Parks and Resorts to bring attractions based on The Hunger Games to their Motiongate park. While the attractions will have “Hunger Games” branding, rumors suggest that the area was already designed, and will have little to do with The Hunger Games, aside from maybe queue videos and light themeing. It will, apparently, not be an area designed around The Hunger Games, the way that Universal has designed The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Also, The Hunger Games will be a massive stage show in London, beginning in 2016. Not many details about that are known, but it’s said to concentrate mostly on the acrobatic and stunt aspects of the film and book series.

Later this year, The Hunger Games will be a travelling exhibition, which will begin in New York. The exhibition will begin in July, and will travel the country, showcasing props, memorabilia, and costumes from the films.


After that, what next? Lionsgate has been hinting that more films taking place in the world of Panem could happen, with possibly some prequels.

What about more theme park attractions? There’s a good chance that Lionsgate, who has worked with Universal before, could  partner with Universal for a Harry Potter like section. Instead of the rumored area in Dubai, this new area (if it were to come to Universal parks) would be designed specifically for the films, and would take guests into Panem. While the movies are based on a society where children kill other children, the park could take the “T2” route and make it all about the resistance. T2:3D is based on Terminator: Judgement Day, which had to do largely with a robot coming back and murdering a kid. Instead of taking that storyline, Universal essentially made the core story about time travel, and fighting evil robots.

The Hunger Games, too, could turn the storyline of any attraction into a “fight the bad guys” scenario, and have the guests playing the role on the side with Katniss and the other members of the “good guys”. Plus, the films dive into high fashion, and different working environments. It would be easy to take those themes, and turn the focus on costumes, and different foods from the different districts.

Mockingjay Part 2 hits theaters November 20th.

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