This is heavy! A Back to the Future Ride could be coming to a Universal Park near you?


In the future there is a problem with the Earth’s gravitational pull, which can cause for a very boring day. Fortunately we have amazing roller coasters that can use the pull of earth’s gravity to break the boredom. Now, imagine a coaster that could harness the power of 1.21 gigawatts! I know what you’re saying, “What the hell is a gigawatt”! Well, have no fear future boy, there’s someone that can explain it to you, and it looks like that he may be making a return to a theme park near you…in the future!




According to coaster fansite, Coaster Insanity, there are plans to bring a roller coaster based on the Back to the Future series to life. Not only that, it will be possibly returning to Universal Orlando.

According to Coaster Insanity, who even has concept art of the coaster (click here to check it out), the coaster is being designed by Stengel Engineering (official website). The coaster design firm has more than 600 coasters under it’s belt, according to their website. The coaster will feature a Delorean themed train, which is being designed with the help of Kevin Pike, who created the original Delorean Time for  the Back to the Future series.

Now here’s where things get a little weird. The coaster will be fully enclosed, giving the feeling of actually being in the Delorean from the film. Riders will also wear a VR Headset, which will be designed to look like Doc Brown’s glasses from Back to the Future 2. The coaster will feature a launch at 88 mph, naturally. Once in the coaster circuit, guests will chase Biff across iconic scenes from all three films, using the VR Headset. It will also feature the original actors, reprising their roles for the ride.

There will be more information coming on June 16th, on the Jayde Skye Podcast at 9p.m.

So, is this really happening? We’re going to say take this with a big grain of salt for now.

Universal Orlando originated the ride back in 1991, with a version opening in Hollywood in 1993. The last park to get a version of the ride was Universal Japan in 2001. The Orlando and Hollywood versions were closed in 2007 to make room for The Simpsons. The ride system used Delorean shaped ride vehicles on hydraulic lifts, which were synced in time to motion on a huge IMAX dome screen. The rides were created before computer animation was heavily relied on, so the effects and buildings, as well as all the scenic effects were all miniatures. The T-Rex measured in at 7 feet tall, and the buildings were amazingly detailed. The ride itself was actually filmed in stop-motion animation. The ride was a huge success, and remained popular, even up to it’s closing.

The new ride proposal certainly sounds intriguing, even if it does sound very similar to the original concept. The biggest thing here is, what’s the point of an enclosed coaster, while you’re wearing a VR headset? At that point, wouldn’t it be easier, and cheaper to just build a simulator?

It will be very surprising if this turns out to be a real project, at least in this form, but we would definitely love to see a new Back to the Future attraction happen. It’s not really out of the realm of possibility, as Six Flags Mexico is developing a Ghostbusters attraction, based on the classic film. Plus, with Back to the Future, 2015 is a big anniversary, and holds a major importance to the film series. On October 21st, 2015…we will officially be in the Future!

The only thing we know about the film series is that there is a big countdown…but we’re not sure exactly to what. There are very strong rumors that Back to the Future will return to The Studio Tour at Universal Studios Hollywood, as the tour does feature the actual sets in which the movies were filmed. Still, that hasn’t been confirmed yet either.


After listening to the Jayde Skye podcast, which really have no new information about the coaster, and we will be very surprised if this is really happening. Universal doesn’t seem to be involved, and usually they farm all of their ideas in house. Plus, add in the fact, that while Back to the Future has a great legacy at Universal, the last film was 20 years ago, with nothing coming down the line. Nothing in Universal’s current track record shows that they are looking to bring old attractions and ideas back. Now, before you say “King Kong is old, and they’re bringing that back”, that film had a movie in 2005, and it was based on one of the best known characters of all time. There’s also a new film hitting theaters very soon.

Again, if this new coaster happens, it will be a very big surprise.

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