Universal Studios Japan getting new Jurassic Park attraction for 2016


There is just something inherently cool, and altogether timeless about dinosaurs. Jurassic Park tapped into that wonder that most of us felt as kids, and recaptured it. Universal theme parks worldwide have taken what Jurassic Park started, and built on it to an amazing degree. The movie has several attractions in Universal parks in Orlando, Hollywood, Singapore and Japan. Now there’s about to be one more!


Instagram user ShiChan14 posted a new picture from Universal Studios Japan showing off a construction walls with the Jurassic Park symbol. An all new attraction slated for 2016, which will be “the greatest dinosaur ride in the world”.
That is a pretty big claim, however,  coming from Universal,  it just might be true.
So what is coming to the park in 2016? That’s a very good question, but let’s look at the limited information. The sign shows the shadow of a pterodactyl in flight. The one thing that immediately pops into mind are some abandoned concepts that were originally proposed for Islands of Adventure.


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One original idea was a Helicopter tour that was very similar to Soaring Over California. Guests would go on a tour of the island, and have the helicopter attacked by pteradons.

The second was a flying coaster, similar to Manta a SeaWorld Orlando.  The entire coaster would be built inside an Aviary, and would take guests on a tour, before things went wrong, and dinosaurs attacked the coaster. It would have used animatronics to provide some near misses.
The possibilities, and older concepts are endless. Whatever it ends up being, we have a feeling it will have something to do with the new Jurassic World film, hitting theaters this year.

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