Joke is on you! Comic Con Suicide Squad Trailer hits the web!


Sure, they’re the patzi’s, but man do they look cool! After steady leaks all over the web, Warner Brothers has decided to go ahead and release the full resolution Suicide Squad Trailer on the web! It’s an early look at a group of bad guys that are given a chance to save the world, but also gives the world the chance to place the blame on the bad guys if anything goes wrong. It contains a huge rogues gallery full of some of the baddest DC Comics bad guys…including The Joker!

Video-Watch the trailer for Suicide Squad

Honestly, the one to watch is Maro Robbi’s Harley Quinn. She just looks to be the one having the most fun, and being the most badass of them all. How true will it stay to the comic? Hard to say, but regardless, it will be a hell of a fun ride.



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Jared Leto is the first Joker since Heath Ledger, and from what we can see he looks to be the most like the later comic books than any of the other Jokers before him. We’ll see how he does, but so far we remain cautiously optimistic.


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