The Basement is “Unearthed” at Howl O Scream for 2015


As the days are starting to get darker, the shadows are a little longer,  and more is being Unearthed at Busch Gardens Tampa.  Howl O Scream is back, and the team is digging up some of the old haunts as haunt season gets closer.


This year crews have Unearthed something sinister, and it’s not looking good for the park or all who venture inside. It does, however bode well for those wanting huge scares at Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa.
The park has revealed yet another returning haunted house,  and it just might make you hungry.


The Basement will return, and along with it Mama and her special recipe of the world’s best “meat”.

The Basement joins Circus of Superstition in 3D as a returning house,  with several more to come.
What remains to be seen is how many new houses will be coming to the event this year, and if there’s going to be an upcharge house, like last year’s The Experiment.
We can pretty much count on Fiends returning,  with roaming hordes of creatures.
Stay tuned to see what else is…Unearthed at Howl O Scream.
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