2016 “gains momentum” as Kings Dominion makes huge announcement


Kings Dominion in Doswell,  Virginia is getting ready to wrap up the 2015 season, but that doesn’t mean they’re slowing down. If anything,  the park is…gaining momentum,  as they make plans for the 2016 season. The park previously announced the closure of their lomgtime stand up coaster Shockwave. What does the future hold for Shockwave,  and what will the park open for 2016?


Delirium will be an all new ride for 2016, which will take riders on a huge swinging pendulum, as they rotate spin, and swing 120 degrees head over heels, and 115 feet into the air.

“The addition of Delirium reflects our commitment to providing exciting and thrilling family experiences for our guests,” says Pat Jones, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion. “We pride ourselves on being home to a variety of rides and attractions that offer something for all generations to enjoy. Delirium will make a great addition to our already thrilling collection of rides.”

Any fans hoping for a new coaster from Kings Dominion or sister park Kings Island were left wanting, as both parks announced smaller attractions for the 2016 season.

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