25 Years of Fear: Choose your favorite Halloween Horror Nights Orlando House of ALL TIME!


25 years leaves one hell of a legacy. Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando wasn’t the first theme park to scare the living hell out of its guests. They’re not even the longest running, but they are arguably the most recognized theme park event in the world. When you say October, or Halloween, most people automatically think Horror Nights. Universal Orlando is celebrating 25 years of the terror inducing event this year. To help celebrate we want you to make a choice. It won’t be an easy one. Are you ready to choose the fear? You can pick up to four per vote, and can vote once daily. Choose carefully.

HHN 2015
The main feature of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando is there legacy of Haunted Houses…or mazes. The event has ser the standard for an event, with new mazes almost every year. Over the course of the 25 year history, Universal has had over 130 DIFFERENT houses.
In the beginning, HHN repeated a few houses in back to back years, but as the event grew, the number of repeats shrank. The number of houses also grew. Some years the event would reinvent a house, continuing the story.

But which one was the best?

We’ve tried to ask the creative team at Universal which houses were their favorite and we’d get the same answer every single time.

“They’re like kids, you can’t pick a favorite.”

Well, we can. We’ve gathered all the houses from 1990 to 2014 in one poll.
Which house was the best? You decide!

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Vote daily for your favorite five houses. At the end of the poll, we will countdown the top 25 houses of Halloween Horror Nights Orlando history.

We’ve given you just about every single house, ever created. Yes, we had to go to Wikipedia for a lot (seeing we’ve only been going 13 years ourselves), so the information may be a little off.
Not every single house in every single year was included in the poll, we have eliminated repeats. For example, Dungeon of Terror was the second year, as it was the first. In those situations, we eliminated repeats. Now, if it was an anniversary house, or came back under a different name, we included it. RUN was a lot different from Run:Hostel Territory. Psychopath in 2006 was different than other years. Sometimes the house was kind of the same, but the name changed…we kept all of those iterations.
And because we know Halloween Horror Nights fans are very particular, and very…passionate, we’ve included every single house that wasn’t a scene for scene repeat.

All in all this is just a way for you to show support for your favorite Halloween Horror Nights houses and years, and a way to walk down memory lane.

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