Happy National Roller Coaster Day! SeaWorld unveils MAKO POV!


Happy National Roller Coaster Day! There are some majorly cool new coasters coming within the next few months to parks all over the country, and one in particular is going to take you through the fury and speed of one of the fastest animals in the ocean. Of course, we’re talking about Mako at SeaWorld Orlando. The new coaster will leave riders breathless as they drop through all kinds of hills, valleys and turns. Now we can take a ride, and see just what it will be like to ride the new coaster!

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What better way to celebrate National Coaster Day than to take a ride on a brand new coaster! SeaWorld unveiled the all new full POV of their latest coaster creation, MAKO. The new coaster doesn’t debut until 2016, but fans can get an idea of just what awaits them when they ride next summer.



The new coaster will take riders up 200 feet, before dropping them at over 7o mph, in the tallest and fastest coaster in Orlando.

The new coaster isn’t the only addition to the park, as the new coaster will go into an all new “Shark Realm” which will submerge guests in a shipwreck themed area, where they can explore the beauty and mystery of sharks in up close environments.

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