HHN Hollywood Teases Next Maze With Nutella and a Milky Way Bar…


Universal Studios is at it again as the park continues to make maze announcements on a near weekly basis. This week via SnapChat HHN Hollywood began to tease us with a series of images. and the words “The Only Way to Survive”. The images include bottled water, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Nutella, and a sweet lookin Milky way bar and we’d be pretty bummed if we didn’t at least get a bite of the Milky Way.

Fans of a certain movie will instantly recognize these items as the images are pulled straight from the Seth Rogan, James Franco comedy “This Is The End”. This is the End is based around a celebrity party taking place during the midst of the Rapture straight from The Book of Revelations. In the past creative director John Murdy has made it known that he’s always been fascinated by The Book of Revelations as well as creating a house based on said book, making This is the End a perfect candidate for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

Images from @HorrorNights Snapchat account.

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Will “This is the End” come to HHN Hollywood? It’s not sure yet, but it’s safe to say we’ll know VERY soon.  Currently, Crimson Peak, The Walking Dead and Insidious, and Halloween have been announced for HHN this year in Hollywood. Also performing will be an all new show by the Jabbawokeez.

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