Mako on track at SeaWorld Orlando as construction ramps up


2016 is going to be a big year for SeaWorld Orlando as the park gears up for its newest steel monster, Mako. The coaster has been making preparations for the huge construction process, and with track on site it’s looking like it’s ready to go vertical.

Cranes are in position to take the coaster up to it’s 200 foot height, as footers are being prepared, and more work is being done on the coaster site. The coaster will boast the longest track in Central Florida, and will hit top speeds of up to 73 mph.





A view from the sky shows that the site of the new coaster is still making huge preparations. The coaster and new realm are so big that the park closed down, demolished a gift shop to make room.
Mako isn’t the only thing happening, as signs are already up for Christmas shows, coming this November.






Outside of the park, more track for Mako is laid out in a field, and is ready to be transported on site. The track has been shipped from Ohio to Florida, and started arriving a few weeks ago.

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The coaster will not be the only new aspect of the park, as the new coaster will also include a massive new shark realm, all themed to a shipwreck where the amazing creatures roam.

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