Shop of Horrors at Busch Gardens Tampa “Unearths” new terror for Howl O Scream


It’s just about that time! The house has been unearthed, and the evil has been unleashed. What was buried is now out, and it’s pissed. Are you ready for Scarlett? She’s coming for you, and there’s really nothing you can do to stop it. Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Tampa opens on September 25th, and the terror will be revealed all too soon, however, before you run through the streets of Busch Gardens Tampa screaming, there are terrors lurking in the gift shops. This years edition of the Shop of Horrors is now open, and it gives a very early look at Scarlett and Evil Unearthed.




The Busch Gardens Tampa Shop of Horrors is an annual tradition that signals the beginning of haunt season at Busch Gardens Tampa. Every year, the shop heralds in the theme of Howl O Scream, and gives an early look at the overall theme of the event. This year is no different.

The signature house this year is the big one. Scarlett’s Revenge is produced by Blair Witch Project producer, Robin Cowie. The house tells the tale of a witch who was buried alive in her house. That house was discovered during construction at Busch Gardens Tampa. The park brought in A.U.R.A. to investigate, and things went from bad to worse.

The shop reflects the entire story, with the presence of A.U.R.A. props and merchandise all over the store. The real star of everything, however, is Scarlett, who is absolutely everywhere.






The new shirts and items in the Shop of Horrors all feature Scarlett. She has massive horns, blazing eyes and a vendetta against all. The shop is set up to look like an excavation site, with the framework of the house visible.








Another big factor are Scarlett’s cards. They are all over the ceiling, showcasing everyone we can expect to see in the house. There’s even our old friend Jack, who was most prevalent at Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and SeaWorld San Antonio.

Other merchandise in the store includes creepy dolls and figures, and lots of zombie merchandise.
Slideshow-Check out even more merchandise from Howl O Scream’s Shop of Horrors

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Howl O Scream kicks off on September 25th, and runs select nights through October 31st. This year is going to be massive for the park, as they are making a huge effort with the new house. It promises to be one of the most themed and immersive experiences in Howl O Scream history.

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