Spotlight: Insidious Returns to the Further at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood!


The Insidious saga has taken us into a realm where ghosts walk. It’s also taught us that sometimes, when we walk into this “Further” somethings can come back with us. A few years back, Universal Studios Hollywood took us into the Further, and now something has come back at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights. The all new house explores not just one film, but all three, and includes all of your favorite demons, ghosts, and characters.



The maze picks up in the Lambert House, and takes us through all three films with tons of appearances by the three main creatures-The lipstick-face demon, the man who can’t breathe and of course the bride in black. The house also uses the layout and atmosphere to recreate the feel of the films, which of course makes it feel like you’re walking through all three films. There are a lot of great effects, but it’s the actors and costumes that make the house shine.

Video-Step into the Further with Insidious at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood!



The all new house is the second entry from Universal Studios Hollywood in the Insidious Saga. The franchise also made it’s debut at Universal Studios Florida, for their 25th year of Halloween Horror Nights. The maze definitely follows the success of the Insidious franchise, and let’s guests relive their favorite chapters. The three films together have grossed over $368 million dollars worldwide, on a combined budget of $16 million. That’s a pretty good indication that these films will continue to be around for a while.

Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood runs on select nights through November 1st and is not recommended for those under 13.
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