ThinkGeek opening first actual store in Orlando this month!


I don’t know about you, but I am a geek. Of course I am, I run and write for a theme park website that specializes in really geeky nerdy stuff. So one of my favorite places to shop is, of course, The online retailer has a huge selection of just really nerdy stuff that you never knew you wanted. Think of it as a more grown up and sophisticated Spencers…okay maybe not grown up or sophisticated, just not as many pot shirts, and fart games. Now, ThinkGeek is using the huge toy push being felt by Star Wars-The Force Awakens to launch it’s first foray into actual brick and mortar stores. The first location will open very soon, and in just about the perfect place for geeks who love those wonderful toys.




According to the Orlando Sentinel, Think Geek is opening their first actual store in The Florida Mall on September 25th. That is seriously around the corner. The new 3,000 square foot store is going to be in the spot that used to be occupied by Radio Shack near JC Penny’s. The online chain was purchased by GameStop, and will hopefully be on just about every corner strip mall before too long.

GameStop is the largest retailer in America with 6,800 stores, and the company hopes to grow ThinkGeek into the same giant scale of store setting. ThinkGeek is best known as a place for collectibles, and quirky products. ThinkGeek also specializes in the latest in pop culture, with products based on Star Wars, Dr. Who, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, and Minecraft.

The site also specializes in items that seem kind of impossible, far fetched, and just weird. For April Fool’s Day, the site has a history of coming up with incredibly amazing products like a “Techno mancer” hoodie. The product would light up when users would cast “spells” with their hands. The item was fake, but the demand was so great that the company actually developed and sold it. Other impossible items include the Flux Capacitor car charger, Taun tan sleeping bag, and the Tesla watch. All of those items started out as gags or jokes, and they ended up being some of the most unique, and best selling items on the site.



The new store will open in the Florida Mall on September 25th, and will focus mainly on the collectible aspect of the website.

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