ThinkGeek opens first store full of geeky goodness!


You know that little store in the mall that sells all the cool geeky stuff, like Captain America’s shield, or swords from your favorite movie? They never seem to be very popular, and never really last that long, well not always. A lot the fun geekiness has been taken online with several sites that give not only cool props replicas, but they have morphed over the past few years to include all manner of items that are just plain cool. One of those sites is ThinkGeek. ThinkGeek has revolutionized some of the nerdy toys in the industry, and made it way cooler for adults to play with toys than kids. Now, ThinkGeek has jumped off the Internet and into real life with their very first store, which happens to be in the U.S. theme park capital, Orlando.


The ThinkGeek store opened their first location last week at the Florida Mall in Orlando. The store serves as a bit of “best of” for their online stores, showcasing some of the most popular items from online. Everything from prints, to t-shirts, and yes, prop replicas are abound at ThinkGeek.

Video-Walk around ThinkGeek IRL

We spent about 45 minutes just walking around the store looking at all the cool props and replicas. It has tons of great items that you would normally expect to find in a theme park.



Speaking of theme parks, there are several cool props that could have been from a park, including the life-size Irom Man armor, and the full size alien pilot bust from the first Men in Black film.
The store is a haven for nerds of all genres, whether it’s sci-fi comics or even horror.


Our favorites are the ThinkGeek originals, such as the Wampa skin rug…I know, Peta is going to be pissed when they see how many Wampas had to die to make that rug, but completely worth the protest!
The store in Orlando is just the beginning, as the company (now owned by GameStop) plans on several more stores in the coming months/years.

Slideshow- More ThinkGeek IRL

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