James Cameron and Dark Horse teaming up for Avatar comics


Officially announced at New York Comic Con, James Cameron and his Lightstorm Entertainment will be working directly with Dark Horse Comics for an all new Avatar comic series. The new series will hit stores before the sequels do, and will dive deeper into Pandora, and the world of Avatar.


The first sequel to Avatar is due out in December of 2017, with two more sequels each December after. The new comic series will dive into the world that hasn’t, or won’t be told in the Avatar films.

“I’m excited that starting now, even before the release of the first sequel, Dark Horse Comics will be bringing you new adventures from Pandora,” Cameron revealed during the Comic Con panel. “Covering the time before, during, and after the events of the original Avatar film. For the past 27 years, Dark Horse has been associated with my films The Terminator, Aliens, and The Abyss. Now they’re working directly with me and our team at Lightstorm in an unprecedented ten-year partnership that’s going to create new stories that will take you deeper into the world of Avatar.”

The new films and comics aren’t the only new items coming from Avatar. Walt Disney world is expected to open their Pandora: World of Avatar in 2017 as well. The new attraction land will take guests on a flight through Pandora, and will allow them to taste the food of the land, as well as go on boat rides through illuminated forests.

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