Legendary Truth readies for new mission on last few days of Halloween Horror Nights 25


If you’ve been a fan of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando, then you’re probably aware of Legendary Truth. The Collective, as it’s known to it’s members, is an in park game that gets fans into the story of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando. While many thought The Collective would remain dormant, it’s become apparent that a mission is upcoming, and all CFO’s and CRO’s need to be at the ready.




12:00 10-26-15FROM: Sadira Kurush, PhDSenior Communications DirectorStand by to learn more…

Posted by LegendaryTruth – The Collective (Official) on Monday, 26 October 2015

Earlier on Monday, the official Legendary Truth Facebook page sent out a message from Sadira Karush, Senior Communications Director. All members of the Collective were instructed to stand by.

The Collective first appeared in 2008, as Legendary Truth investigated the happenings of Dr. Mary Agana. It was revealed that she opened a portal into a mirror world that unleashed a hellish reality. The collective was involved in an investigation around mysterious happenings at the Skoolhouse. Later, in 2010, investigations were revolving around a lantern, and FEAR was unleashed into the world. Then in 2012, Horror was Unearthed. In 2013, Legendary Truth began another full investigation, and Universal Orlando became the site for yet another mystery. In 2014, near the end of Halloween Horror Nights, the event picked up a huge investigation, and the T.E.S.T. began. As we were winding down the haunt season of 2015, we had all but counted Legendary Truth dormant.

If all of this sounds like some elaborate story, you’re absolutely right! It’s a huge story that Universal Orlando’s Arts & Design team hatched up to fully immerse die hard fans into the story. The game play took place in park, and later online. Last year, the event hatched a new, fully immersive game that lead to another haunted attraction, in which technology was used to bring ghosts to life. It was thought that HHN 25 would lead to even more immersive entertainment, but as the event went on, the only thing that was involving guests was the HHNTrivia website.

Now it looks like the final nights of the event will be filled with more mystery, and Legendary Truth could unravel more terror than before.

What will see? stay tuned!

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