Universal classic and rebooted monsters could have stronger presence at Universal Studios Hollywood


There’s a story out today that says Universal is looking to make the Mummy a female in the new Mummy reboot that is currently scheduled for 2017. The Universal Monsters are the latest properties that are attempting not only a reboot, but a shared universe of films. The new film universe apparently started with Universal and Legendary’s Dracula: Untold in 2014, and the new Mummy (be it male or female) will be the next step in that evolution. Hopefully this will renew interest in the Universal Monsters enough for the latest rumor to actually happen. The Universal Monsters have a long legacy at Universal Studios Hollywood, being the birth place for the horror film genre, and the latest rumor has the Monsters coming back to the park in a big way.




The Classic Universal Monsters have a huge legacy at Universal Studios Hollywood, and have always had a presence at the park, in some form or other. Most recently, Universal had incorporated the Monsters into the all new Nighttime Studio Tour. The tour took guests behind the scenes of how the movies created the night shots of the films, including huge lighting elements, and included characters such as Frankenstein’s Monster.



However, in the park itself, the monsters have all but disappeared. The last attraction to feature the legendary Universal Classic Monsters was the Universal House of Horrors. The House was a year-round walk through attraction, very similar to Halloween Horror Nights mazes. The maze had live actors, props, sets and several classic Universal Monsters, including Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Wolfman and more.

The House of Horrors was removed earlier this year, to make room for a brand new retail/dining and entertainment venue, since it really is prime real estate at the front of the park.



While the removal of House of Horrors was sad for fans of the classic monsters, there may be some good news on the way. Now, keep in mind that this is just a rumor, and could fall apart or not happen…especially if the new films prove to not be successful at the box office.

Rumors from various sites and sources seem to suggest that there are plans to bring the Monsters back to the park in big ways that will involve both the classic monsters, as well as the rebooted monsters. The rumors vary from talks of a possible dark ride attraction to highly themed meet and greet experiences, themed stores, and even an HHN presence in the coming years. Last year, Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood and Orlando featured the maze Dracula: Untold-Reign of Blood well before the film came out in late October. It’s completely within the realm of possibility for the films to hit Halloween Horror Nights.

What else would you like to see make it back to Universal Studios Hollywood featuring the Universal Monsters? How about a lady Mummy?  Personally I’d like to see a huge “History of Horror” attraction that transitions the Classic Monsters into the new ones, via a super “Avengers” type super squad, where the monsters must put aside their blood thirst, and monstrous ways to combat a common enemy.

Too nerdy?



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