Universal Studios Japan opening world’s tallest, longest flying coaster


Universal Studios Japan is kicking off their 15th anniversary with a big new coaster. The all new coaster is being built in the Jurassic Park section of the park, which we’ve already known. Now we’ve gotten a few more details about the new ride, as well as an opening date and name.


Jurassic Park- The Flying Dinosaur will open at Universal Studios Japan on March 31st, 2016. It also appears to be the first in a series of attractions, according to the translated press release. The new coaster will be the first, all in celebration of the park’s 15th anniversary.

According to the official website , the coaster will tell the story of how pteradons have been secretly living in the trees of the park. Research has been underway to help conduct a flight with the Pteradons. So basically, the park has been trying to tame the dinosaurs. While the story says they were successful, it reminds everyone that they are still wild animals and anything can happen.

The website also goes on to say that it will incorporate three different elements into the ride.

Do are you excited to experience the Flying Dinosaur?
We can only imagine this is the first of many new Jurassic Park attractions, especially with the massive success of Jurassic World this past summer.
Universal Orlando and Hollywood have introduced Raptor Encounter attractions over the summer, which have been very successful.

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