BTT Toybox: TMNT Dimension X Wave 1 Action Figures Review!


Welcome back to another edition of BTT Toybox, teaming up with Playmates Toys as well as Youtube Toy Reviewer TheTFReview, today we’re taking a look at the brand line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures from Playmates. The newest wave of figures is based on the most current season of the Nickelodeon show currently in its fourth season. A major portion of the season takes place in space which gives us a wonderful opportunity for some really fun variant figures.



This would not be a successful Ninja Turtle toyline without the turtles themselves! These version of the heroes are based around sculpts created for the ‘Battle Shell’ line which featured shells that open up for weapon storage. If you manage to remove all of the space armor on the figures you can open the shells on these toys as well but cannot store any of the weapons that come with it. The past gimmick itself is meant to be hidden on these toys and will likely go unnoticed more than not from youngsters.


Each figure for the most part is very similar to one another, the articulation on each is very solid, the detail is very good and it’s exactly what I would expect from Playmates. They certainly delivered on the core turtles for this season. One thing that is great about the turtles is that there armor is all removable. When you do remove the armor you are left with the core turtles which is wonderful if you don’t already own representations of these characters. The downside is that without the armor, Mikey and Raph do have bare strips across their bellies where there belt would go.



Fugitoid is a new robotic character and master of time travel voiced by David Tennant of Dr. Who fame. The figure itself is a very simplistic action figure. What I like most about it is how charming it is. Where most action figures strive for more detail, more action features, more articulation. Fugitoid feels very retro, very minimalist and very clean. Just like the robot toys of the early 80’s, Fugitoid hits major points for nostalgia.




Mozar and Lord Dregg are two villains that the turtles will face and can only be purchased at Wal-Mart.  The figures themselves both hit major points for sculpt and detail. Mozar (the Triceritops) has one of the best head sculpts I’ve seen from Playmates as well as excellent paint detail. The his body also has a very sci-fi texture to it that gives him a really futuristic look. I love it.



Lord Dregg also hits a lot of points in terms of detail. With a bug like finish, it hits all of my strongest anti-bug nerves. Which means it’s successful as the leader of all insects throughout the galaxy. The chest is molded in a clear translucent plastic with a bit of detail and has a good wash of orangish color to give it an eerie and nasty bug-like skin tone. The figure unfortunately lacks in the articulation department, with molded together wigs and no elbow/knee joints the figure does come off as stiff given how long his legs and arms are vs. Mozar’s stumpy aesthetic.



Both figures lack any accessories but more than make up for it in sculpt and detail.


The new Dimension X line is a TON of fun. What is better than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in space? Not much. The turtle figures are not only great varients but remove the armor and you have a solid team of core turtles with literally a metric ton of accessories. The new Dimension X toy line has arrived just in time for the holidays and is a MUST for any Ninja Turtle collector.

To see a video review of each of the figures above, check out the playlist on TheTFReview below!

Each figure retails for approximately $8.99 and is recommended for ages 4+

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