SeaWorld Orlando readies for Christmas as Mako aims high


SeaWorld Orlando is gearing up for this year’s version of the huge Christmas Celebration. The park puts on one of the biggest and brightest FREE Christmas events in Orlando, and it starts this Saturday. We take a look around at some of the decorations going up, and get a look at the big project everyone is waiting for-MAKO.

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Holiday season is getting ready to go full blast at SeaWorld Orlando as the park readies for their Christmas Celebration. Every year the park introduces several Christmas shows, millions of lights and special entertainment that you can find only at SeaWorld Orlando. This year the park seems to be amping up the decorations with more lights and Christmas trees than ever before.

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SeaWorld will kick off the huge Christmas Celebration for 2015 this Saturday. The festivities will include the amazing Sea of Trees, which has thousands of lights on dozens of Christmas trees dancing in the water to Christmas music. The Polar Express will also return for what is likely their final year, as Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer is slated to come to SeaWorld for Christmas in 2016. The park is readying all sorts of decorations and attractions for the festivities.

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In addition to the great decorations, the park is also rolling out huge amounts of Christmas merchandise, just in time for the big event. The entire Bayside Pathway will also turn into a Christmas Marketplace, where guests will be able to get different gifts, crafts and ornaments for the holiday season.


The big news across the park is that the newest coaster at SeaWorld, Mako, has finally started going vertical! The coaster has several pieces of supports and now track in place, as the park has installed what looks to be the final break run.


Video-Check out a sneak peek of Mako!


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With the first few pieces in place, and footers all but complete, the construction on the new coaster should ramp up rather quickly, as the park races towards Spring of 2016. We haven’t heard anything officially as of yet, but it’s looking like SeaWorld will be pushing for a Memorial Day weekend opening on Mako, which makes it about on par with the rest of the rides and coasters that the parks have opened in the past few years.







At the front of the park, the shop that was the 50th anniversary shop, is now a store devoted entirely to Sea Rescue. The store has all kinds of Sea Rescue merchandise, and information, including a counter with how many animals the park has rescued. The company has recently confirmed that they will be dedicating a large portion of their in park programs to Sea Rescue, with an all new Sea Rescue Ride scheduled for all three SeaWorld parks in the coming years.


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