Another legend leaves us- Alan Rickman passes at 69


Normally we don’t do obit articles, but the past few days have been an emotional journey. First legendary rocker, and actor David Bowie leaves us, taking a huge part of my childhood. Now, another legend has gone, leaving with another piece of my heart. Goodbye Alan Rickman.


Alan Rickman passed after a quiet and long battle with cancer. He was 69. He was one of the greatest actors of the British Stage, and had some iconic roles in Hollywood films. The most iconic was of course of Severus Snape, potions master at Hogwarts.

He was dark, he was mean, and he seemed to hate Harry Potter. Behind it all, Snape was a tortured soul. Rickman brought that to life in a way that no other actor could have. He became an icon when he uttered the words “always” in the final Harry Potter movies.

Beyond Harry Potter, he was Hans Gruber from Die Hard. He was the Metatron-the voice of God from Dogma. He was a depressed robot, he was Dr. Lazarus, and a bastard in Sweeney Todd.

He, like David Bowie, was a window into another world and one of the best people who took us there. His passing also made me realize a harsh truth. We live in a wonderful time, but also a terrible time. It’s amazing that we are in an age where we are blessed with so many great talents that take us into their worlds. We’re cursed to watch them leave us.
The world will go on, but it will be a little less magical, less intense and less musical without them.

Rest in peace Mr. Rickman, we will sorely miss you.