Disney Springs to unveil new cupcake ATM and Cupcake store


Forget cash, you can now go to an ATM and get a cupcake! Imagine if the world really ran like that! The cost of a new car? 3 dozen chocolate cupcakes…sprinkles will get you that extended warranty. Now, that world is coming a little closer with an all new Cupcake ATM heading to Disney Springs. Of course, you won’t be able to buy anything with it, but you’ll be able to eat it, which is just as good.

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In May, the Beverly Hills based Sprinkles Cupcakes will open up an all new shop in the Disney Springs Town Center district. The new shop will feature fresh made cupcakes, include the famous Salted Oatmeal Cornflake and many others. However, the real attention is coming to the 24/7 Cupcake ATM. The Cupcake ATM will serve cupcakes made fresh throughout the day, and will be stocked several times daily. The machine made it’s debut in 2012 and has received worldwide attention.


The machine holds about 400 cupcakes, and will be open for business 24/7. It’s one of two new stores and ATM’s coming to Florida, with the other location being in Tampa’s Hyde Park.

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