Hulk coming together as Kong gets ready to roar at Universal Orlando


From the Hulk, to the new hotel, and even Skull Island, Universal Orlando simply has a lot going on. The construction crews are steady at work on no fewer than five projects throughout the resort, with more on the way. This summer will see the rebirth of The Incredible Hulk coaster, and the return of Kong to the parks. This week we take a look at some of the projects happening around the resort, and get a little glimpse of things to come.



The Incredible Hulk has been one of the most fascinating projects at Universal Orlando. What was originally called a refurbishment turned into an all out replacement. Track was found at a local junkyard, and the entire thing was just gone. Now the coaster is starting to come back, and even the sign glows with what we hope is a sign of things to come.


A lot of big pieces are back in place, including the back loop, and one of the corkscrews. The coaster will feature all new trains, a new launch system, queue experience and of course track. There is no solid date on the opening of the coaster, but the track itself looks like it could be done by mid- March. After the track is complete, there is still testing and the rest of the experience to have ready. The opening of the coaster should be sometime around June, but hopefully it will start testing much sooner than then.





Skull Island: Reign of Kong is looking as if it’s almost complete. From the outside, not much more looks like it needs to be done, and aerial shots of the ride show a completed queue and ride path. The new ride will take guests into the vast jungles of the mysterious Skull Island.



According to Touring Plans on Twitter, the attraction had a very eerie, yet amazing looking lighting test on Monday night. That seems to have been a one night test, at least while the park was open. The ride is also set for a summer opening date. The lights on the attraction make it come to life, and just look plain creepy.



Over at Universal Studios, progress keeps moving on Jimmy Fallon’s Race Through New York, as more and more of the former Twister building is being gutted. The new ride will take guests on a whirlwind tour of New York, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.


Monday, the park had a soft opening of their all new Hello Kitty Store. The store isn’t 100% complete just yet, but what is there is sure to be a hit with all Hello Kitty fans.


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