Knott’s Berry Farm to Celebrate 75th Anniversary of Ghost Town on May 27! Inside Look at What’s New!


Knott’s Berry Farm is celebrating a major milestone in 2016, the 75th Anniversary of the park’s first and most iconic land, Ghost Town. Ghost Town was introduced as a supplement to Mrs. Knott’s hugely popular chicken dinner restaurant. As the dinning location grew in popularity, so did the theme park, and it eventually evolved into what Knott’s Berry Farm is today.  On Friday, Knott’s invited members of the press to tour some of the brand new and upgraded offerings making their way to the park on May 27 and the celebration will run through September 5, 2016.


Many aspects of Ghost Town will see total restorations, this includes the Calico Saloon which will feature a total modernization, while still sustaining the classic feel of a wild west show. Many of the new additions will include a brand new solid oak bar, upgraded lighting and sound, AC installation for those brutal summer months, and beer will finally be on tap!


New bar-height railing has been installed on the upper level so you can enjoy the saloon girl show as well as an ice cold brew. Here’s a look at the brand new solid oak bar that has been installed and sculpted to the exact specifications of the original bar in that location. It should look stunning when it’s all finished.


VIDEO: Take a behind the scenes look at the new Calico Saloon!

In addition to the new Ghost Town Alive! Entertainment, and revitalization of the Calico Saloon, they’re also relocating the main stage to the former location of the Screamin’ Swing. This new venue will allow 3 times the crowd size for their popular shows during the Summer, Halloween and Christmas time a change we’re very much looking forward to!


The old stage will be removed and the entire area will be converted to Calico Park, a nice shaded area with lots of seating.



Also in Ghost Town, the popular wooden roller coaster Ghostrider is being completely restored and retracked. The new upgrades will present a faster, smoother, non-stop run through the ride. Ghostrider was once hailed as the best wooden roller coaster in the world after its opening but has become notoriously rough the past decade. We’ve received confirmation that Ghostrider will be delayed through June.


Most the layout of the track will remain the same, but the updated ride will feature brand new trains, steeper banked turns and the removal of all brake runs for one long, non-stop journey.


A look at a section of track where the breaks have been removed. This will be the only slow down area on the ride.


VIDEO: Go behind the scenes of the new Ghostrider!

Also paying homage to the park’s history is a complete overhaul of Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner. The park would not exist today if it was not for the Southern California landmark. The newly upgraded restaurant will feature additional seating, a new period theme as well as the introduction of a new bar area for you to grab a drink while you wait for your dinner to come out.


Everything you love about the chicken will remain the same, as the recipe is not being touched.


VIDEO: Behind the scenes of the upgrades coming to Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner!

The big 75th Anniversary will begin on May 27, but a few additions including the upgraded Calico Saloon are expected to open sooner. We can’t wait to see Ghost Town come alive will at these new additions!

For more information about Knott’s Berry Farm or to purchase tickets, visit the official website by clicking here.

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