Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new coaster is named…


In an unprecedented move for an American theme park, Busch Gardens Williamsburg left the name of the new coaster to the fans. While it didn’t wind up with a cool name like “Coaster Mc Coastface”, it did have one of three names that Busch Gardens Williamsburg selected for fans. So which was it?

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The three name choices were Viking Raider, Battle Klash or InvadR…and the winner is:



InvadR will be the new name of the first ever wooden coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

So, before you go getting upset about the capital “R” or the missing “e”, there seems to be a bit of a method to this madness. The names given all seem to indicate a hugely Viking theme to the new ride. The ride will mix Native American Legends, with a story about Viking visitors. While InvadR seems to be a bit of an odd spelling (with people actually complaining about it), it’s actually old Norse-the language of the Vikings.

In  Old Norse, the -R- was essentially used to differentiate the masculine and vowel sounds in nouns. Of course, the English language added the vowels at the end to make the sounds we know today… it’s all very grammatical, and pretty correct in the Old Norse, even though it looks like a “hip”, and intentional misspelling to us.

The next portions of the coaster to be chosen by fans will likely come online very soon.

Meanwhile, the new wooden coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg will be starting construction very soon, and is scheduled to be opened in early 2017.


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