Disney’s Rivers of Light launches more details about the new show


Disney’s Rivers of Light is going to be the catalyst that transforms the resort’s only park that closes at Sundown, into a nighttime adventure. The new show will center around the lagoon, and will feature tons of visuals, music, fountains and of course storytelling. Disney has launched a new website that showcases everything coming to Animal Kingdom after dark, and has released a ton of details about the story of the new show.


The all new show will take guests from the jungles of Asia, to the African Savannahs, and the mountains of North America in a mix of light, lanterns, music and dance.
Here’s some excerpts from the official website:

Before your eyes, clusters of lantern light shift and shape into animal spirit forms—the Tiger, Turtle, Elephant and Owl. The storytellers call upon the Temple Lotus who materializes along with her 4 sisters, each bursting forth with dazzling fountains of water and light. These mystic hosts work in harmony to captivate your senses, conjuring stunning imagery of animals from across the world in a musical performance that can only be described as dreamlike. Spellbound, you are transported across Asian jungles and tropical oceans to African savannahs and North American mountains.

Your journey culminates in a triumphant blend of music, light, color and earthly elements. The Aurora Borealis, in its magical splendor, springs with unbridled joy as a menagerie of animals transcend above the cosmos, becoming glittering star constellations in the heavens. Immersed within a grand celestial finale, you are bestowed with an inspirational message of peace and oneness with nature.

The new show will feature fireflies created by lights, and digital projection. It will also center around Asian Lanterns, with over 100 of them dotting the landscape and transforming before your eyes. Water jets, water screens and more will help to create a 28 foot tall Temple Lotus that will help to bring home the message of unity throughout nature and the rest of the world. The show will also feature some never before seen footage from Disneynature, which will bring the animals to life larger than you’ve ever seen.

It’s all part of the massive new nighttime line up that also includes bringing the Tree of Life to an all new light, as the sun goes down, as well as a new nighttime safari.

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