Finding Dory characters coming to Turtle Talk in May at Epcot!


Dude. Finding Dory hits theaters on June 17th and will revisit all of your old Pixar friends, while they make new ones, and encounter new adventures. Before then, guests at Epcot can meet all of Dory’s  friends as they drop by Epcot and hang with Crush.


Beginning in May, guests can go hang with with Crush, and watch as Destiny the whale shark, Bailey the beluga whale and Hank the “septopus” cruise by. Squirt will also make his debut, and you just might see something funny as Marlin and Nemo could also drop in (funny, get it…he’s a clown fish).

The fun is coming to Epcot in May, along with a ton of other new additions to Walt Disney World!

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