HA HA HA HA HA! The trailer for the animated Batman: The Killing Joke is here!


Batman and the Joker are the quintessential good guy and bad guy tale. The struggle between Batman not breaking his one rule and killing the Joker keeps him coming back. How far can Batman actually go, however, before he goes mad and snaps? There was one story that tried to push that boundary, and took Batman as far as he could go. Now that story is being made into an animated film, which is rated R. The first trailer has hit, and we have your first look at the new movie.



The Killing Joke is the ultimate tale of Batman and the Joker. It’s often seen as the story that made the Joker the madman he’s known as today, as well as the story that most of the Joker tales for the Batman movie are based on. It’s a very dark story, anchored by some really harsh imagery.

The first trailer for the film has hit, and it features the return of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy as the Joker and Batman. The duo voiced the characters in the hit animated series, Batman: The Animated Series.



What do you think? The new film will be direct to DVD/Blu-Ray later this year, and will premiere at San Diego Comic Con first.

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