Incredible Hulk Coaster completes track installation at Universal Orlando


Universal Orlando is building a monster…again. The Incredible Hulk Coaster is returning for summer of 2016 in a big way, with all new track, all new trains, and so much more. Recently the park put the finishing touches on the coaster’s main component, the track. As we learn, there’s much more to go.




The Hulk has finally been pieced back together. It took a team of engineers and skilled workers to do it, but the beast is finally ready to start launching again. To understand what a big undertaking it was, the track was completely torn down, then it was reinstalled with new pieces, and special fittings for the footers (that’s the pieces that hold the track in place). This is something that was originally done almost 20 years ago! As the last piece of track was laid, again, it was a huge occasion.  For the special occasion, current Universal Creative members, as well as past members of the original build team gathered together to sign the track.


While the track looks complete, there’s still much to do with the rest of the ride, including more queue work, lighting, brakes, and testing. The Hulk isn’t just getting new track, it’s getting new trains, a new story, new queue videos…everything. It’s going to be very interesting to see just what Universal has cooked up when the monster roars back to life this summer!

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