Mako at SeaWorld Orlando opens June 10th!


The tallest, longest fastest coaster in Orlando is coming to SeaWorld Orlando, and it’s coming this summer! The new coaster has just finished construction of the coaster, with work happening heavily on the surrounding realm. Now, we have an opening date for the coaster, and it’s not that far off!


The all new coaster, Mako and the surrounding realm, Shark Wreck Reef will open to guests on June 10th!
The all new coaster will reach speeds of up to 74 miles per hour, and will take guests up 200 feet before going through a frenzy of drops, twists and turns. Before the coaster officially opens on June 10th, however, guests will be able to check out a very special preview, twice a day at the Nautilus theater.

The preview will show off the ride, the work being done, and the sharks…plus guests will be given snacks! The previews will happen twice a day at 11:45 a.m. and 2:45 p.m. and is called Mako Rising. The show is happening NOW and is highlighting all the latest Mako happenings.



Also, the park website has revealed what the new name for the area surrounding Mako will be. Shark Wreck Reef will take guests into the world of the sharks, and will be the home to two immersive experiences, both of which are open now! Shark Encounter allows guests to see some of the oceans top predators, and learn about the life cycle of sharks. Then, you are completely surrounded underwater, as sharks circle around a huge underwater tube.

Sharks Underwater Grill will remain open, and will share the reef with Shark Encounter and Mako. There’s no word on if the restaurant will get a makeover, or a new menu for the occasion.


Are you ready for June 10th?


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