Mako hangs out in the park as SeaWorld’s newest coaster is eagerly awaited


Mako is opening on June 10th, and coaster fans, as well as SeaWorld fans just can’t wait. The coaster track is complete, but tons of work still needs to be done, as the surrounding “Shark Wreck Reef” is still under construction. We take a look at the purple track as it slides just feet above the crowd, and a look from above!




From SeaWorld’s Sky Tower, guests can see the entire layout of the coaster. The track starts in the back of the park at the current Shark Encounter area, and goes all the way to the front of the park, where it comes close to Kraken. The coaster then winds back around and takes riders over the pathway twice!


The ride is the latest new attraction at SeaWorld, and will bring the park’s coaster count up to five. The others, Manta, Kraken, Journey to Atlantis and yes…even Shamu Express all are great coasters that range in intensity for the entire family. While Mako doesn’t do a lot of flips, and huge maneuvers, it will give riders plenty of airtime, and one hell of a first drop.










One of the cooler features of the ride will be the fact that it takes riders close to the crowd below not once, but twice, as it goes diving towards the water and back to the station. This will give guests on the ground some real cool views as well, and might either make them want to ride more…or turn tail and run as riders go screaming by.


Mako opens on June 10th at SeaWorld Orlando!


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